Your Comments Is Welcome And Wanted

Feedjit widget report that 33% of Kabayan Junction's visitors is prompted to this first page...this is why i'm calling your attention.

I'm going to you straight that i wanted to know what you think about the things posted here at Kabayan Junction. Your comment is always welcome and wanted.

How to do this? I'll walk you out step by step.

To leave a comment first click comment link at the bottom of each seen on the image below.

After clicking the comment link a new window will pop-up for the comment details. Capture image provided below for your guide.

This comment organizer is powered by Haloscan. Once it pop-up follow this simple steps...
  1. Type in your name, pen name or code name is acceptable
  2. Your e-mail address (note: Haloscan will not use or publish your e-mail address)
  3. If your not a blogger just skip this; if your blogger type in your URL address so i could link back to you
  4. Speak out your mind, your honest opinion about what your read is most welcome
  5. Click publish
  • Note the star "Notify...." is optional, better click it to know who else will follow the comment you leave.
That is it your done...i'll appreciate it if you could leave one comment to any post as you go along. Thank you!

Also don't forget to click here to subscribe in as a reader. Cheers Kabayan!
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