Exhausting TV Series

Every night after daily news Filipino family are treated with loads of tagalog TV series that entertain Pinoy viewers. An all in one package of tv shows from drama, comedy, suspense, adventure and action from the hottest celebrities and biggest network. This started way back as i can remember and from then on it seem the theme has not changed. Though the production is more lucrative with more technology involved plus the advertisement.

Yesterday, because it is a weekend in the middle east, i had a chance to see the shows along other Pinoy enthusiast (exclude me, just can't change the channels) from both of the main networks available. Don't get me wrong but we were not entertained by the show but with many Kabayans commenting and making jokes of the shows lousiness. Who would not notice the same story line of love triangle between the "bida" and "contra bida". The main characters are both naive of what the antagonist is doing and thinking. The supporting characters support the protagonist stupid decisions. The antagonist being so clever and wise. (this is why my son always wanted to play the bad guys when playing with his friends) How the characters are all placed in a straight line facing the camera. How the characters deliver a script "walang kabuhay-buhay" not realistic. How the action hero is bitten so many times yet survived and make a come back in the end. The super hero is sluggish as a turtle in it's action scenes. Or the same actors/actress but with different character name and title show "di naman bagay iyng role, pinilit lang kasi popular. These are the reasons why i don't watch back home this tv series.

It was really a good and bonding experience when Filipinos meet sharing views and thoughts about a specific topic especially for Filipino entertainments, politics and issues. It ease the pressure of homesick. It show how Pinoy think even in bad situation. Cool di ba!

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