Doomsday! Death of Superman

All things has a beginning and an end, even for superheroes!

The well known and loved superhero of all time created by Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster released by Detective Comics, Inc, now DC comics, on it's first issue of Action Comics on June 1938 (70 years ago).

"The Man of Steel" is dead! Superman Doomsday an animation movie from Warner brothers released in American, September 2007 by IMBD.

The comic book was Death of Superman, released in 1993, where Doomsday fights all justice league heroes with one hand behind his back and just minutes later all heroes were defeated. Very everytime Doomsday is hit he grew ever more stronger, larger and armors bones comes out of his body...but in the end Superman stopped him but after exerting all his strength Superman dies in the arms of Lois Lane. It was a sad ending comic i read way back in 1994, while i was still on college. but it made me more excited to have the following issue after Doomsday titled "The Man of Steel" (i'll give the detail next time). For now here is an image i made for superman's death. (photos from flickr, i just masked out and combined :-)
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