Four Wheel Motorbike

Have you encounter the questionnaire about distinguishing dominant character by choosing between a fighter plane and a race car. What a terrible assessment it ain't practical. Who could afford a fighter plane for his personal use plus the price. If the price is like a car i'm sure every body would buy one, right!

What's better is if the chooses are a motorbike and a car. Would that be an easier choice? Guess what - the most popular pick, yeah your right, is the car. It's s safe, comfortable, versatile and utility wise..well if your a boring person you'll definitely choose this one. But if your an adrenaline junkie like this two buds (picture from dirk huijssoon of flickr, i just combine them) you'll pick the motor bike. If you want to drive with control and feel the nature, it's the favorite pick. But many dont' want to or scare to drive a motor bike because of it's accident hazard nature. Plus majority of street accident involving motor bike has a huge fatality. But now with KTM, Europe's second largest motorcycle maker, teaming up with Audi to make driving on two wheel motor bike a pleasure ride. They created the X-Bow a 2.0 liter direct injection turbocharges 4 cylinder engine that produces 220 bhp on four wheels. The estimated accelaration from 0-60 mph is less than 4 seconds. (that's the same speed as a ferrari and lamborghini). Why is it like driving a's because...X-bow don't have any doors, no wind shields, no roof and you have to have a helmet to drive. No more worrying about your this four wheel motorbike..your dream to be a biker is at hand.

X-bow in action (picture from autospies, i just make it more faster :-)

Now lets put those two motor bike buddies on X-bow how would they react. Their face says it all. :-)

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