Street Urinal New Look

Do you favor this or not? MMDA urinal makes bad impression due to it's foul smell (they don't maintain it's cleanliness plus the location is along main pedestrian path) also the pink paint that give wrong impression to it's male user. (this is BF's favorite color)

At first i thought this is a brilliant project by MMDA to help male answer the call of nature (Pinoy have a high risk for urinary related problem due to Filipino's love for salty foods), but after a few months this urinals do more damage that it's usefulness. The lack of maintenance/cleaning program this male friendly cubicle is a burden for pedestrians and commuters. Not only does it give out awful smell but the health risk fly that gorge in it. Yuck!!!

This is how a good project turn out bad because of deficiency in it's program. But if Atienza is the MMDA chairman this urinals would look like this.

From flower theme urinals. What do you prefer? Speak your mind out post a comment.

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