Population Over Load

There are 80-million plus Filipinos in the Philippines alone. This is a common problem for developing country. Why can't we not limit our birth rate? Amidst government's program to family planing many Filipino family specially below the poverty line has many children. Why? One reason is Pinoy's lack of proper education to family planning method this result to unwanted pregnancy specially at a young age (include me on this statistics :-) Plus the hearsay method that result to failure of keeping the number of children low. Another is the church's contradicting belief to birth control (have we not populated the earth enough). And finally the Filipino mentality of having many children is a treasure. This is true if you have the financial freedom to support them all. But sad to say this is the opposite of reality to many Filipino family.

Observing the life of Pinoy in the urban area (Metro Manila) those that live in shanty have a an average of child more than five while those living in a neat place have less than three children. Ironic is it? But not all have negative impact to others as westerners envy Filipino for our productive nature. I heard a story before about a foreigner asking a Filipino how do those people living in carts have many children (mala-rabbit :-) while to them they still need to have a nice room before they could do it! (you know what i mean).

Thinking of this i only have one reason in mind...check out this video i got from iyottube.com.

Note: this link is not for conservative people.

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