Second Chance - Deleting my 1st Blog!

They say "Love is sweeter the second time around" but would be better life could have a second swing.

Now it's possible, well virtually. With Second life a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. (yes residents) It's free but and upgrade to a premium account would allow you to buy property build and design your own house and become a full time resident. (create what ever you want) The best thing is you can also meet people. Once a resident you can retain the rights to their digital creations, you can buy, sell and trade with other residents. You can also log-in for free and have a look around.

Like me (well not about second life) but second chance for my 1st blog. I created it Jan/07, (this is my first baby) since i'm a newbie i tried to write the progress of my quest to the blogging world, but the competition is so stiff that i abandon it. I did not take it to seriously only after 3 months after reading tons of tutorials from gurus. Ranging from free to paid even to scam. Good thing i stumble upon marketing expert Ken Evoy, he told me to leave this blogging and marketing topic to the expert and that's what i did. Anyway since second life or second chance is virtually possible i'm deleting my first blog: Akino Online Money Making Progress and posting the 6 entry i made here at Kabayan Junction. Hope you like it. (i'll still continue my blogging progress here in Kabayan Junction). I still have two other blogs i will delete and post a second chance here at Kabayan Junction. :inlove:

From my Online Money Making - (An Honest Progress)

My history

Life is so simple; after graduation I immediately got a job in a small company and performed it well, because I was promoted regularly. What more can I ask for, 6/7, 9-10 was my life. Six days a week, nine to ten hours a day, was my routine for years. This halted my progress; because I was believed that what I’m doing is gratifying.

This was my mindset and life for a long time. But as the year progress I became a frustrated worker. I felt like there is an empty part of me that I missed to accomplish, and this is our nature.

As a human being we desire; we yearn for things of this world for satisfaction. In doing so we frustrate and bore our self in doing things that can’t fulfill this need. This is the reason I decided to change my career path.

But what are the most indemand and high paying career?

High paying job.

What are the careers that pay’s well?

Is it the licensed professionals earning big and are successful in this life? Will the Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors, Accountants, PH degree holder and others are earning enough?

What if your not one of the list of high earning professionals? Is it the end?

It’s not!!!

Yours truly is not a licensed professional, only earn enough, but has the dream and drive to succeed in life. I have tried everything, even got into networking and retailing, but still not enough.

Then, while using the internet my friend forwarded me an email about a topic on how to make money at home from internet. I knew this is a fast growing industry and many are saying that companies are making billion of dollars each year. I thought why not take advantage of this fast rising trend.

I research, read and learn as much as I could about online jobs there is in the market. I will list down some of the markets in demand home generating income next time.

2 kinds of online business product

The internet is the next big thing in communication, information, technology and even in business. Forecasts are saying that company business will not survive and continue if they will not associate with online market. But, is this a reality?

As the trend of some big product line and huge companies, internet will become a big factor to strengthen the business world. In the future this will be the foundation of every business. The internet can expand and open the market share of a new product. The accessibility and high-speed is its main advantage.

What are two kinds of online product?

These are the (1) tangible products and (2) electronic products.

Tangible products are actual product that needs shipping to the buyer’s location. The world will never be the same because with online market. A particular country product can be advertise and sell to different part of the world. Mainly the primary basic need of people and others like, handicrafts, furniture, and jewelries.

Hence electronic products are intangibles like software and e-books. The publishing industries are proposing for online circulation of their products. If these materialize we can expect our newspaper and monthly magazine not from our doorstep but on our electronic mail box.

Electronic and internet is now shaping the future, better take the ride than to be left behind.

10 online money making ventures

What are the types of internet business possibilities?

I came across this possibility when a chat buddy sent me an email from his list of newsletter from different internet marketers. At first I was just curious if this is true, because my impression with internet is just a medium of advertisement, information and communication. It never crossed my mind that people are actually earning from this technology. Maybe this is because I was searching and using the internet the wrong way.

This is why I got interest to making online money and ease-up my constant chatting. I even stopped sending and registering to different online job provider.

After reading many post and research regarding online money making. I came up with some of the most common online money making ventures. Some of them are as follows:

1. Blog
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Pay Per Click Advertising
4 . Pay Per Lead Advertising
5. Search Engine
6. Banner Advertising
7. E-mail Marketing
8. Drop Shipping
9. Online Market Research
10. Online Survey

These are just of the some of the possible money making online for you and me.

After 2 weeks update

It has been a while since I last write something here. For two weeks I dedicate myself to reading most of the online money making articles in the net. Browsing and admiring the sites of online money making gurus that provide information, advice and insights. How envy I was reading their success and at the same time I’m encourage to their story.

Other sites I stumble into truly are good and sincere in helping online wanna be. But most of the sites I visited are just selling and promoting their product. All they do is lure people to easy money and a promise of huge return in the shortest time possible. They are the online gurus that tell and give presentations of hundreds of success stories; people who succeed thru their site. But is it really true, yes it is, but if it as easy as they would say it was, it would be so popular that you must have known about it long time ago, but you have not, since you’re still reading this article. Some even discourage free sites as a means of internet venture; it may be true since lots of provision with free site hold your progress in the internet success. But who can resist free; this free site could start your curiosity before venturing to the larger world. There many good products to promote and excellent to invest your time and money with the equivalent or much higher return.

Just like you and me, in our quest to uplift our way of living and finding success in all form, internet definitely is another way to reach this goal; we just have to learn the process in which the first achiever succeed and be aware of what we do. Be vigilant to all online money making online provider and guru. Online success to you and me.

Blog – a free online money making tool

Yes! This is true; there are many successful internet money makers who started from blogging. If you look-up their site they even share their ideas and experiences. Some even list the detail and statistics of their weekly earning. I sometimes think how easy it is to copy their success and follow their foot steps. But the reality is it’s not that easy. They don’t make that big just after a few days. Just like you and me they struggled; learn the basic and advance ways before they started to build their success, with some exception of course. LOL.

There are also some blog, free site, I came across that exaggerate but fall short and whines over a few dollars lost, funny but true.

Personally I have not tapped even the tip of what this bloggers statistics say. May be because I lack the knowledge and skill, but this won’t hinder me from my goal. I’ll won’t stop to learn and improve what I started. I believe that this first step would make me far as others have gone.

Good luck to you also.

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