Proudly Pinoy Logo Design Contest

In every post here at Kabayan Junction is to show how great it is to be a Pinoy/Filipino. With lots of Kabayan bloggers posting about our country, Pinoy life, Philippine places, Ideas and News it is timely to have a logo contest to bind Filipino blogger with one seal to be proud.

Launched on Independence Day, 2007, this is a competition to design a "Proudly Pinoy" logo intended for placement on Filipino websites. The idea is to create a logo which expresses the pride of being Filipino, and which will allow a web site to elegantly declare its Philippine identity.

To participate in the competition simply by putting up a link to, or by blogging about this project (if you have a website). Then whip out the old Illustrator or Corel or GIMP whatever graphics software you prefer, and do your magic. Send the finished logo to before 23:59, July 11, 2007, Philippine Standard Time. You may send up to 3 entries per person.

  • Format should be .gif or .png or .jpg. No Flash! Flash entries will not be accepted.
  • Background color should be white or transparent.
  • Logo should contain text, in any font, stating "Proudly Pinoy".

When sending your logo, state your name or nickname (which we will post as a caption below your entry), and the link to your website - when people click on your entry, they will be taken to your site.

The forum of public opinion will be the jury, and the sponsors will be the judge. We will post all entries on this page, unless they are really really awful (like the London Olympics logo). Everyone can look at the entries and blog about them, or contact the organizers with comments and opinions. The sponsors will look at people's blogs about the logos, and read the email you send, and make a decision. The decision shall be final. The winning entry will be announced on this page on July 19, 2007.

Blog about this contest! Vote for your favorite entry. Click the logo to visit Proudly Pinoy site.

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