Not A Story of Ugly Duckling

A well loved story by Christian Andersen is the Ugly Duckling. Who have not heard this story? Be it from the books or disney's episode of cartoon movie, this story inspires humility and persistence in life. Life with all adversity; an effort of strength (like the ugly ducking) will someday end all all thing will become beautiful. This story stays with me until now.

Not all stories are like the ugly duckling. Like Angelica Panganiban! She is a loved at a young age, is was adored by many including her young innocent look. I watch her roles in Princess Sarah and comedy gigs in Ang TV. Her teenage life in Gimik (this was the 90's, also my teenage time). Showbiz have given her many recognition. But i never thought she could give more.

Like a caterpillar that becomes butterfly and a flower that bloom to give out it's smell and beauty. Angelica Panganiban is a butterfly with all beauty.

See her metamorphosis.

At her early teens

Her metamorphosis to a butterfly.

FHM March 2007 Cover

She even cover many 2007 calendars. The pictures are from her un-retouch photo shots to the actual calendar.

note: Pictures are from Angelica Panganiban Yahoo Group
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