How to be famous the Ellen Adarna way

How to become famous? This is what many of our Kabayan wanted to be. They believe that fame is associated with good fortune. Fame may work good for many people like politicians, actors, artists, singers, athletes and ordinary people on their job place (also to bloggers)...etc.

One way of doing this (warning: do not attempt if you don't have the gutz) is like Ellen Adarna a girl nextdoor face. She made her fame by posting (she did it excessively) her pictures at Friendster, MySpace, forums, blogs, and many other sites now she is a sensation. She became an instant celebrity in the internet world...she is now the Philippines' queen of myspace. Adding to her fame is her appearance in the July 2005 and June 2006 covers of Candy Mag. (what a babe)

With all that publicity and follower comes the drawback of being famous...her pictures were distributed by stalkers, impostors (pretending and using her name) and video maker (this is the dark side of fame). She was banned from friendster thought if you search her name Ellen Meriam Go Adarna, the search would produce 20 plus account, all with the same name and her photo. Her blogspot address was abandon because of many bad comment from other people, like this one:

"she ignored me and the next thing i knew she's a bitch u myt get mad of her..cos she's totalli mean..i was blind at first..but now i know who that girl really was SHE behind her beauty" the full comment here.

Wow what a bum?! The benefit and detriment of fame come in one package together. It is in the person's attitude in handling glory, be it good or bad....One wealth of advice "humble thyself to people you come across along they are the people you'll meet on your way back. (i'm not making any sense : )
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