50 First. Reaction..MY LIST

A person's first reaction tell all his personality and how he view life. If this is a test you'll definitely know me (inside out). Copy this and make your list!

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS… type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 50 words. Don’t think and don’t go back and change. Doesn’t matter how random just type it! Repost it for all of your friends. List from Immah

Reaction (Comment)

1. Beer: Session (will you drink beer without alcohol, i wont)

2. Food: Yummy (missed eating pork liempo)

3. Relationships: Come and go

4. Your CRUSH: Long gone

5. Power Rangers: My Kids (miss them already)

6. Life: Struggle (long road..short time)

9. The President: Do we have one

10. Yummy: Food

11. Cars: Ferrari (fast 4 wheels)

12. Movie: Comedy / Adventure (no horror or suspense)

13. Halloween: Candles (i grew-up near a cemetery we collect and sell the candle drops)

14. Sex: Ohhhh

15. Religion: Serious

16. Myspace: Ever_2769

17. Fear: Ghost and myself

18. marriage: Serious (won't do this again)

19. Blondes: Sexy (perfect body)

20. SLIPPERS: Lakad (walk)

21. SHOES: Nike (feels good to wear)

22. Asians: not Pinoy

23: Pass time: Blogging

24. One night stands: Not anymore

25: Cell Phone: IPhone (png txt lng e2 pa)

27: Smoke: Vitamins (smoker here)

28: FANTASY Girls with big...


30: Highschool Life: Gone in 60 seconds

31. Pajamas: Shorts

32. stars: Dark Sky

33. Fitness Center House

34. Alcohol: Beer

35. The word love: Giving

36. Friends: No one comes to mind

37. Money: I don't have this

38. Heartache: Heart attack

39. Time: +3 GMT

40. Divorce: No marriage in the first place

41. Dogs: Spot (my first dog - pitbull)

42. UndiES: Thong (boso)

43. Parents: Nanay/Tatay

44. Babies: Fragile (only want son)

45. Stripper: Beerhouse

46. Blogs: Expression

47. News: Good news only

48. Weddings: Serious (won't do this again)

49. Pizza: Thin crust

50. Kleenex: Wiping

What's your 50 First Reaction!

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