Reason why men fail with women (Dating tips)

Wondering why attractive girls date jerk and not nice guys like you. Have you figure it out with your buddies? Or ask a girl friends why they are attracted to them?

Men think acting nice attract the ladies. But the fact is; Nice guy don't attract women. Why? It's because girls don't get attracted to nice guys. This is the first mistake men make to women.

Women don't feel the attraction to nice guy. And once women don't feel this attraction they never would. You can never change how a woman feel when it comes to attraction. You cannot convince a woman to feel differently towards you.

Stuff her with gifts, flowers and foods, and she would still reject you. Worst is she would date the other guy who did not ever treat her the way you do. Because women are not attracted to the size of you waller or the limit of your credit card. You can't buy her affection.

What now?

Here is how. Read dating expert David de Angelo's advice on how to attract women.

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Good luck!
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