A Call for Philippine Election - Just a Radical Suggestion

Philippine election is the colorful event in our country, it's more colorful - cheerful than all fiestas, x-mas and new year celebration combined yet more distressful - gloomy than all calamity and bad news all round-up.


Cheerful because of the many election jingle played almost every barangay or municipality. This is the time when angles are around every poor man's dining table sharing what they eat and showing the nation they are the solution to this sufferings. (metaphor only) Colorful as every candidate showoff what they've accomplish along with many popular actor/actress touring provinces shaking hands and performing for free to the crowd.

Distressful; it's like civil war on an invisible mode, many quiet provinces became election hot spot come election period. It's the time when only good people (candidate) die most to unknown reason or a century old enemy arise out of no-where. Gloomy this is what happen after the end of the day, when candidates finished their campaign.

What is next? Who knows! This has been the trend of Philippine election as early as the time of President Magsaysay, popularity is the key on election day, for voters to recall the names of the candidates. Not what the candidate can do and will do (as promised).

Hmmm...(post) Are we contented with this routine (crap) every three years (come election period)? Have we not learned, or we just forgive yet forgot easily?

Why is it that the government position (as elected officials) candidates/applicants gets the nomination so easily. Is it because of our constitution provision "that a Filipino citizenship is enough for anyone to run for public office".

If this candidates are to compare to regular job applicants, why is it that the job application seems more exhausting and strenuous....Is it?

What if our government change the COMELEC to a big Human Resource center (not Commission of Appointment) that screen and hire rightful candidate - applicant for government offices? Since business establishment strive to become productive, we should copy this system and apply this to public management.

The good thing about the HR system is the strictness, plus the position will have a job description (guide) and ethics (office decorum) to follow, specially the tardiness and absenteeism problem of this elected officials. Another is limiting, if not eliminating, the "Padreno system" that is so rampant on government offices (this results to corruption). Also everything done in a day could be recorded, things that are accomplished and pending. This will serve our Kabayan's well, and the succeeding officials will have a forecast of things his predecessors left unfinished.

Imaging hiring a rightful candidate that has the capacity, ability and willingness to do the job (not a good looking popular guy with hidden personal agenda for his pocket) Like a corporate manager that has a system, knowledge and experience running a big business, not an artist, sports man or a popular person that claim their experience is enough (worst is saying running a public office is like acting, or playing their sports). Give me a break! Arnold may have many critic about his governor position, but his resume and education has a big factor for his public office.

Well, every public officials want to serve their respective position with the best of what they know and what they can do, we're not against that, but it is better to think if every time we elect an official we are assured that he can serve all our Kabayans and not just a handful of choisen few. (now that's redundant :).

Hope this election would be the turning point for better changes in our beloved Philippines. Let's all VOTE WISELY.

Just a radical suggestion!
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