Kabayan Junction is 64 days old


Kabayan Junction is still alive after 64 days thats 2 months & 3 days. From the 1st month post summary about the 300 page view (half is from me) generated on the 1st month to 1,000 view on this 2nd month plus some few comments from other bloggers.

Thanks to the reader and to those who posted comments. It is really a good feeling to know someone actually is reading my posting (aside from my friends and relatives).

What's next after i have posted 97 entries, (this is the 98th post) What more to post (any suggestions please!). One thing is sure, i'll be busy adjusting the html (help please) to accommodate additional posting. I'm not an IT savvy, but i'm learning the process thanks to great a blogger guru BlogU.

More to come of Kabayan Junction. Keep on coming back.
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