Sentiment of a Saudi OFW

We always hear that Filipinos are world class and in different ways. Our nation already produced many performers, athletes, inventors, scientist, businessman and many other professionals loving and performing their jobs. Majority of our work force is from the supporting and labor force but this is again burden by this sudden news that Saudi Arabia Restricts Re-Entry of Ex-OFWs. This was the headline story from Arab News' Philippine section, last April 16, 2007. (excerpts from Arab news) The "No Objection Certificate" or "NOC policy" is again revived by the Saudi Arabian government to all ex-Saudi OFW. A circular was passed by Saudi Arabia to the Philippine Embassy, stating: that all ex-Saudi OFW's arriving in the Kingdom with new companies and contracts have to provide their old passports stamped with a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) from their previous employers. The circular also stated, all visa applicants, except domestic helpers, are required to submit old passports together with their visa applications. Those without old passports must submit a Department of Foreign Affairs certificate that their passport is their first.” Another restriction mentioned in the memo is that even if the OFW has an NOC in his passport, the job category that he is applying for in his new job should be the same as the category of his previous job.

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in the Philippines outlined the new directives in a memo that was circulated on April 4, which comes into effect April 16, 2007. The new directive is in response to an increase in numbers of complaints by many Saudi firms, whose Filipino workers have ran away. (read the whole story here...)

As POEA statistics show that Saudi Arabia is the largest market for Pinoy work force with 250,000 Filipinos yearly coming in the Kingdom on either first time and renewed contracts. There are also thousands of Filipino families living in the Kingdom.

Now, why such policy be revived; plus they added a new burden; by not allowing ex-OFW to have a visa other than what was first issued. This steps are not the definite solutions to this problem. They should address this problem first internally, why do our Kabayan abscond and abandon their employers, as to what this small employer ares reporting. They should investigate and make a list of employers that have a regular list of absconding employee, validate the reason. About the other policy added, how could this be on effect when most employers just apply a visa with a technical or labor job but issue this visas to their office personnels and other important position in their company. Now where does the problem start and where should it be first address.

We all know the trait and attitude of Filipino being resourceful and industrious, now, why do this policy be hindering our Kabayan for better job employers, better salary, better conditions and fringe benefits if they are qualify for the job vacancy from other company giving it. Many big companies are awarding and recognizing many achievement and contribution of our Kabayan in their business organization. This top company know this, because we Filipino do our jobs well and efficiently. (As observed to big companies here; they won't be successful if, no Filipino is working with them.) You what is right, voice it out!

But, as we Filipino are also good at; is to think positively to any adversity in life. This may be a call to find other opportunity to countries that are more open and have a common (freedom) from our country.

Note: On April 21, 2007 an Erratum was issue to by the newspaper saying: The NOC policy is not mention on the circular letter to the Philippine Embassy.
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