Pinoy Big Brother House Swap

Pinoy Big Brother proves that reality tv is better that soap shows. After the successful first season of combining different people from all walks of life and variation of ages, this season prove that the new generation of Filipino is more modern, more socialable, sophisticated and more cheerful than ever.

Now Big Brother has done it again by swapping house mate from other end of the world with totally different culture and custom. Pinoy Big Brother is represented by Bruce who is 100% Pinoy not just on his looks but the trait Filipino with regards to family orientation.

What to expect from his new house mates who are liberated and open. I visited the Big Brother Slovenia site and is totally amazed see how they act. While PBB house mates are conservatie and modest, the BBS are not. While PBB house mate party with less skin in BBS they party with less cloth. Here is the video link of their liberated culture. Jasmina showing off.
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