Philippine At A Glance

Lonely Planet write on it's world guide introduction to Philippine.

"With a reputation for being chaotic and corrupt, the Philippines has something of an image problem. But most who make the journey to the 7000-odd islands that comprise the Philippines are pleasantly surprised by their beauty and by the friendliness of the people.

Most of the Philippines is laidback, stable and relatively safe. The locals are an exceptionally helpful bunch and there are fantastic reefs and fish. On top of this, transport is cheap, the food is good, accommodation is plentiful and (for the monolinguistic) English is widely spoken."

Sad to read such a review from a big site in tourism. Our government should be more vigilant in to stop the crimes and corrupts in our country. Better to ask more to media play a big role to uplift Philippine image. More than ever media should research and report more on the good news that's happening in our country not just the easy and sensational crime news.

I Personally hear a German nationals' sentiments about this awful image of our country. He said in reality Philippine is a peaceful place that where he came from, but because of bad news that they see and hear in our national news at first he was reluctant to visit. But in the end said "he is glad he took the chance". How he is happily living with his Pilipina wife in the metro.

But not all foreigner take this chance, I know a business man supposedly going to visit Philippine but his personal assistant, a Pinoy, gave out a negative comment about his country. Sad to hear that our Kabayan's are the one's not saying good thing about our country when in fact amids the chaos and bad news circulating to our country, I personally believe that Philippine is still the best country, best place and most beautiful land in the world.

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