Philipine Senatoriable Guide: John Osmena


Genuine Opposition

Osmena, John Henry (Sonny)

Personal information:

Date of birth: January 17, 1935

Place of Birth: Cebu City

Status: Single

No. of children: 1

Age: 72


University of the Philippines, Public Administration Program; International Social Development Institute (Holland), Social & Community Development; San Carlos University, BS Mechanical Engineering, 1959


Real Estate Investor

Work experience

Senator, 1998-2004 (11th & 12 Congress) , 1987-1995 (8th & 9th Congress)

Representative, Cebu, 1995-1998 (10th Congress), 1969

OIC mayor, Cebu City, 1986

Cebu City Vice Mayor, 1968

Cebu City Councilor, 1963

Voting record


RA 9166 Promoting welfare of AFP (12th Congress)

RA 9182 Special Purpose Vehicle Act (12th Congress)

RA 9189 Overseas Absentee Voting Act (12th Congress)

RA 8762 Retail Trade Liberalization Act (11th Congress)

RA 8791 General Banking Law (11th Congress)


RA 8749 Philippine Clean Air Act (11th Congress)

Yes to the RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement(11th Congress)

Yes to the new US Bases Treaty (8th Congress)




Anti-graft, energy (rural electrification, alternative sources)
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