New Age Robin Hood

Image from Manila Bulletin

He steal to the rich and give it to the poor. A hostage to grab the politician's attention for the future education of his poor student. Do this have a similarity?

“The end justifies the mean even if the mean is to hostage a bus full of young student. This is the measure taken by the Armando Ducat Jr. But did he really achieve what he fought for after doing that stunt?

The news was all over him, even around the world. When the incident happen i was informed after opening my yahoo page. Still today many newspaper write-ups; called him "man in need of attention" and many other bad titles. The government said “not to make hero out of wrong doer” and that “full criminal justice will be brought to bear upon”. But nothing was mention to the demands of Jun Ducat. What counter measures to eliminate the sentiments of many Filipinos such as worsening education system, poverty and corruption . A pity that he waste his future to take drastic action for his dream to this poor children and to the Philippine as a whole.

Just hope that he took the hard road but for long term solution. As long as there are peoples; who dream of a better Philippines; who would fight and struggle for better future of our children. Philippines still is in good hands.
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