Local Pinoy Tourist - Good or Bad for Tourism

Thanks to the long holiday, our Kabayan have time to spend time relaxing and family get together. This year Boracay, Puerto Gallera and many beaches - resorts spot are flooded by tourist.

Surprisingly local tourist are reportedly greater this time that foreigners. Now...this is a good thing that Filipino's are enjoying life...plus the beauty of our country.

It may be a good news to you and me, but others specially business stall owner of resorts see it differently. Why? They say that local tourist are stingy, "kuripot", they don't buy from stalls but instead bring meal, "baon" and other stuff along. Funny to hear that Filipinos are always resourceful, "madiskarte" in every situation.

This is not the general perception of most business stall owner. Other's are happy and said that local tourist do spend and patronize stall goodies.

What every way other say or view this changing shift of local tourist. The bottom line is that we Filipino local tourists, balik-bayan or what ever they may be called, should be the first to explore and enjoy the beauty of our country.

Lets patronize and love more our country: "PHILIPPINES".
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