An Enchanted Experience

"Enchanted Kingdom" is a theme park located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna about 26 kilometers from Metro Manila with a land area of 17 hectares (Huge hah!)

They have various park zones like, Spaceport - Relive the glory days of the American space exploration program of the 1960s. Portabello - A replica of Portabello, a place in Panama in the Caribbean Sea where the riches of the Incas were shipped by the Spaniards. Brooklyn Place - Take a sentimental journey down the streets of Brooklyn, one of New York's five boroughs, as it was in the 1940's. Victoria Park - Inspired by the era of Queen Victoria's rule. Boulderville - Discover an era ruled by dinosaurs as you enter Boulderville, a prehistoric cartoon zone designed to capture every child's imagination. Midway Boardwalk - Coney Island, known as "America's Playground" in the 1930's, comes to life at the Midway Boardwalk. And Jungle Outpost - The heart of the Amazon is the setting of the Jungle Outpost.

"Space Shuttle" a favorite ride and the main attraction at Spaceport park zone. This is a big boy's favorite ride. Next time i'll bring a cam 'corder to document it's wonderful loop.

But my youngest "X" is contented riding the rino's ancestor, who is not amazed to see a dinosaur even a store replica (but this one is definitely a relative of the elephant - look at the front right

Now my second son is too friendly to have a picture with a total stranger. I'm talking about the boy in blue (Happy halloween "B".)

A portrait of a happy family all together having an enchanted experience.

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