1 month of Kabayan Junction

Time fly so fast, Kabayan Junction is already 1 months since the first post (if it's already consider a post..lol.)

After 1 months what did i put on this blog site. Hmm... I guess it's the ads banner that i have put on so much attention and not the post.

Other things that happen here! It generated 333 visitors according to freeweblogger site meter, it now have an average of 3.25 visitors per day from whozontop ranking. But surprisingly to Google Analytic (for 1 months) it only made 43 unique visitor and 92 page views, not excluding the 41.67% visits from www2.blogger (so i guess half of the visits are mine...funny huh). So the numbers really wont tally.

It does not matter, the ads or the figures of the site meters, what's important is i made some Kabayan's visit and read some stuff i put here (Hope others could leave a comment if they visited..lol)

Another thing i've done is to convert the template to 3 columns, thanks to Kumiko.

This new month your Kabayan will concentrate on posting more and lessen the banner ads, if not to put them all down.

Thanks to all the Kabayans and Mybloglog peoples who visited Kabayan Junction.

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