Quick Kabayan Global Money Transfers

Philippine is a pioneer in cash transfer technology, given that over $15 billion is received annually from remittance alone.

Aside from the traditional bank and money transfer service provider that cater OFW or Pinoy expat remittance, SMS is being introduce as another means of transferring money from around the world our Kabayan's love ones.

Now their is another better way to send money with more convenience and at a very affordable price taking advantage of the internet.

Here are 5 reason why this new money transfer service is the best way.

Use Xoom to Send Money to the Philippines

Xoom’s innovates the traditional money transfer industry.

1. Security– We use state of the art technology to protect the integrity of our customers' personal data

2. Low fees – Xoom is up to 80% cheaper than Western Union and MoneyGram’s online services

3. Convenience – Senders can now transfer money anywhere and anytime they are online

4. Reliability – Xoom offers our customers’ a 100% satisfaction guarantee

5. Flexibility – Unlike traditional money transfer companies, Xoom allows its customers to choose from disbursement options that include direct deposit to a bank account, cash pick up at one of our financial partners, or home delivery.

With all this said ... OH saan ka pa Kabayan?

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