Equality of both sexes, topless women is tabo.

Got this picture from Ilkeryoldas.
Last week I posted a discussion about topless women at MyLot: surprisingly I got a good reply, Also to some girl from the community. Recently I got an article from The Thinking Blog in support of topless women. Wow this is really a topic worthy of attention.

But this is still a big No-No to other countries and their law makers. In France and some part of Europe topless women are acceptable in public places. In USA, New York allows topless woman on bars parks and restaurants. There are also photographers and organization fighting for topless women right.

If this is fully accepted, women will have the level that they desire for a long time. They won’t be view as a thing of lust anymore. Still this would depend to every individual woman, how far she could express herself.

I support and agree to topless woman.
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